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General FAQ

Qns: Do I need to purchase a Virtual Office package first or register with ACRA first?
Ans: You will need to purchase a package with us first. Key in preferred Company Name and put 'NA' for UEN. Upon receiving the email confirmation with successful payment, you may proceed to register using our address at ACRA and update us with your Company Name and UEN within 14 days.

Qns: How soon can I use your Virtual Office address?
Ans: It's usually INSTANT! Once you have made a completed and successful order as well as completed payment at our website, you will receive an email confirmation and may proceed to use our address for your business in line with our user agreement.

Qns: Is there any type of business you do not accept?
Ans: We currently do not accept employment agencies, motor vehicle dealer business/companies/operators, tour agents/companies/operators. We have stated this in every item description and in our user agreement (which you are supposed to have read and agreed). Therefore, there will be NO REFUND on payment made if you still decide to proceed.

Qns: I am located overseas and would like to use your virtual address, can I sign up?
Ans: Sorry, we currently only provide our services to local companies as we require companies signed up with us to be registered with ACRA in Singapore.

Qns: What is Mail Credits and why do I need it?
Ans: Mail Credits are only for Premium package. It is required for mainly mail forwarding purpose. Mail credits are used to offset your mail forwarding charges (handling fee and postage fee) as and when you have weekly consolidated mails to be sent to you. Mail Credits can also be used to deduct mail scanning and outgoing fax charges that is only available to these two package users. Mail credits add-on will be part of the Premium package selection.

Qns: Can I purchase Economy package and Mail Credits top-up package to use for mail forwarding?
Ans: No, only Premium Package customers can purchase the top-up mail credits package. Economy package does not include mail forwarding service.

Qns: Can I authorise another person to collect my mails on behalf?
Ans: Yes, you may by sending an email to us from your registered email and inform the authorised personnel's full name (per NRIC) and NRIC (last 4 alphanumeric).

Qns: Will I be able to track my forwarded mails?
Ans: No, there is no tracking option for forwarded mails as we are using Singpost's Basic Mail local service.

Qns: Can you forward mails to an overseas address?
Ans: No, we only forward mails to local addresses.

Qns: Do you accept registered parcels or parcels?
Ans: No, we do not have this service. Should we receive any, only small parcels (30cm x 20cm x 15cm) will be accepted. There will be a handling fee charged on each item received and have to be paid upon self-collection.

Qns: Who can use Mail Scanning Service?
Ans: Only Premium Package customers can use Mail Scanning Service (pay-per-use) that is deductible from mail credits.

Qns: Can I purchase 1 Virtual Office package and use for all the companies I own?
Ans: No, 1 package is strictly tied to 1 UEN only. Should you require to use our address for your other companies/brands/subsidiaries, please make separate purchases.

Qns: Can I use your address as my registered address with ACRA without purchasing?
Ans: No, if you do so it is illegal and we will proceed with necessary actions. We will also include your company name and UEN to an unauthorised usage page found easily by your customers through the internet.

Qns: What will happen when it is time for renewal of the Virtual Office contract?
Ans: We will send you a request for payment at least a week before your contract ends and inform you of the necessary actions to take to renew. Should you decide not to renew, please inform us and you will be required to remove our address from ACRA (screen shot required), inform relevant parties of your change in address and all your business by the end of the contract.

Qns: Is there any refund or pro-ration on Virtual Office package should I decide to stop using your services or terminate my company?
Ans: Our packages are sold as a 1 year package. There is no pro-ration nor refund for any part of the service not used. Please inform us once you have decided not to continue using our service or have closed your company.

Qns: Can I purchase just 1 month of Call Forwarding Subscription Service?
Ans: No, our subscription service is for every 3 months paid in advance. There is no pro-rate of subscription fees. Please refer to point 3(i) in our user agreement for more information.

Qns: Will my personal number show when I make an outbound call if I've signed up for Call Forwarding Subscription Service?
Ans: Yes, this subscription is meant for incoming calls only. Our service only includes the forwarding of a local number provided by us to your mobile number/local number.

Qns: What payment methods do you accept?
Ans: We accept PayNow, Bank Transfer, PayPal, Credit and Debit cards through PayPal & Stripe. Call Forwarding Subscription services can only be paid through credit/debit card via Stripe.

Qns: Where can I find more details about your services?
Ans: You may find out more in our user agreement here. All customers will have to agree to our user agreement (also known as terms and conditions) upon purchasing our package.